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Medical Equipment

We send Medical Equipment new or reconditioned from factory to the whole world, especially Latin America and Brazil. Our procurement process is simple. Follow the timeline below and you will have the equipment in your clinic, hospital or any address you chose.
1 – Quotation

By submitting your quote, please advance to make the choice of the brand, the amount and the desired equipment model so that your application has better analysis.

2 – Request

Send your request by filling out our form and al requested information. Within 72 hours, we will return the cost of the equipment and the delivery time of it.

3 – Payment

Approved the purchase, please send a bank account to be made the deposit of the value for the product, as to the value of the freight. With the payment, send us via email the voucher deposit.

4 – Delivery time

The product will be delivered with invoice within 7-10 business days in the address provided at time of application.

5 – Dollar

As the products have the dollar amount, the amount charged in the invoice will be the value of the exchange rate of the day.